Our studio in Coastal Provence, France, is remote and “off grid” .
Situated in a forest hamlet of Le Lavandou, Var.

ART SAFARIS: From mid-October to mid-May we host open air art shows. We hang our recent artwork in the forest between trees near our home. These showings revolve around the schedules of local and national hiking clubs. They make" rendez-vous" to see the art, while exploring the National forest of le Massif des Maures. The average hiking trip is 15 to 20 km, our place is mid-way on some of the most popular trails.

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Kim and Philippe Villard realize the privilege of being artists comes with a responsibility to help protect the natural environment that provides for their inspiration.
While away from the Boothbay Harbor studios for part of the winter, Kim and Philippe live for several months in the National Forest hills of coastal Provence, France.
    Along with continuing their research and development for Villard Studios’ Handmade Book Project, painting, sculpture and other artistic endeavors, their activity is focused in assisting the National Park Forestry Department in managing the valley and hills surrounding their twelfth century dwelling that is sustained with spring water, solar power and wood heat.  Much time is spent nurturing the forest, maintaining roads and paths for public access, and educating the European public about that environment. 
    Since the Kyoto Treaty, signed by most countries in the world, the natural resources of the forests have been the focus of major attention.  As well known, protecting & managing our trees, along with energy conservation, are some of the most critically important natural remedies to fight against the exponentially increasing emissions of carbon dioxide.  The CO2 is the leading culprit contributing to the exaggerated greenhouse effect that is threatening the earth. This is the warming trend that is causing glaciers and the polar ice caps to melt at an alarming rate today, and thus subjecting all coastal zones to major flooding in the near future, if the situation is not addressed ASAP.

Med'Coast MedCoast 18"x32"
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